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Gibsons Law Office

I came to the Sunshine Coast in 2004, volunteered with the Women’s Centre, and then opened my own Gibsons law practice in 2006. I believe in providing affordable services to support people in managing their own legal affairs as independently as possible.

My private practice is not specialized except that I believe in providing low-cost service on provincial court matters which include family, criminal and small claims cases. I also do divorces, wrongful dismissal, wills and estates, and help people with incapacity and disability issues.

I have a great deal of experience at helping people manage their legal cases so they can represent themselves in court without a lawyer.

My background in law includes:

  • Working as a staff lawyer and Director of Training for the Legal Services Society of BC.
  • Running my own private legal practice specializing in family and immigration law.
  • Writing two self-help books (on wills and divorce) for Self-Counsel Press.
  • Teaching courses and workshops on a variety of legal topics for groups with particular interests: e.g. non-profit organizations, strata councils, seniors, youth, and church groups.

My law practice office is located in upper Gibsons at Farnham Road – click here for directions.
Please callĀ 604-886-3125 to make an appointment.